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“Bizzaro is the most original magician I have seen in many years.”Jeff McBride

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Evil Overlord

Part Cecil B. Demille, part mad scientist. Bizzaro has created magic for performers such as David Copperfield and Gallagher. He was also one of the main consultants on Wizard Wars season 1.5 on the Syfy network.

Liz Hoge


Foam carver, painter, and creepy teacup maker extraordinaire. When not helping around the studio she is the mind behind Carrion Creations dot com. Liz brings a real world eye to the clients of Bizzaro By Design.


“Bizzaro’s attention to detail and wealth of creativity is unmatched”Chris Randall

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The goal of Bizzaro By Design is problem solving.


If it’s a unique prop you can’t get anywhere else, we can make it. If you need someone who can think at right angles and create something that is special only to your TV show, film, or live performance, that’s us. If you want someone who can step in and help make your act or show stand out, that too, is also us. However if you just want to keep making the same old boring stuff that everyone else is doing… that’s not us.


We have worked with performers from all over the world. From top professionals to those just starting out and many who are inbetween. No matter where you stand, we can help you make your ideas a reality.


It’s all By Design.

“Don’t hire him.

I’d rather his schedule be open so he can continue working with me.”Justin Flom


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Listen to what others have said…


sperry“I’ve known Bizzaro for over 10 years and over the course of that time I not only have had the pleasure of considering him a good friend but also a great thinker, builder, and all around clever mother f*&@er who I know I can go to with any project and his solutions and methods come from a place any creative thinker would be envious of.” – Dan Sperry


“Bizzaro is among the few people I go to first with an idea or trick that needs something special. Biz has made meflom gimmicks for television appearance, countless online videos, and he is a valuable resource for methods and prop building.” – Justin Flom


lax “The thing that distinguishes Bizzaro from all other builders is his ability to quickly transform the ‘technically conceivable’ into the ‘workable.’ Meaning, once Biz tells you a trick is possible, he WILL find a way to build it.”- Rick Lax, creator of Wizard Wars TV Show


 “Bizzaro helped me to create truly innovative magic for my shows. Not only are these prices astounding but they dwaynewere created to blend with my characters and themes.” – Dwayne Andrew


nick“When it comes to prop development and construction, I go to Bizzaro. His knowledge of modern materials and electronics make him one of the best in the business.” – Nick Diffatte


“Bizzaro turned my moshpit of quick effects into a Vegas quality cabaret sketch. I have never made a better aaroninvestment.” – Aaron Stone


lyle“Over the years, Bizzaro has been able to take my insanely crazy ideas and bring them to life in a way that I never would have dreamed possible. He always goes above and beyond the call of duty and my act is better because of it!” – Christopher Lyle


 “I really like the mirror. It is the perfect balance between getting the effect and practical function. Cant imagine a edbetter 100% bullet proof way to do this. Very nice. Thank you!” – Ed Underwood


danny“All I can truly say is, I am very grateful to have Bizzaro to be able to bring my concepts to life!!!” – Danny Weiser

“I love it when a plan comes together.”John “Hannibal” Smith

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