Bizzaro By design has been REALLY busy. We are part of another endeavor called Test Subjects. (You can check out our Facebook Here) Test Subjects was formed after playing a couple of escape rooms and realizing this was an awesome idea and we wanted to be part. It’s like magic, videos games and other nerdy things all rolled into one! So now we create custom escape room scenarios, puzzles and props for that business.

Escape rooms have a lot of crossover with creating magic. It’s about problem solving, making new experiences for people and having impossible things occur. The difference is there is no expectation to be fooled ahead of time. There are moments of pure surprise and wonder when you place 4 random objects in the right order and a wall opens up like you’re part of some Scooby Doo mystery.

If you haven’t had the chance to play some escape rooms yet I recommend trying out a few. (you cant judge it off just one as the quality varies. Another things ERs and magic have in common.) In a few months, you can stop by Key and Code in Reno, NV and try out some of rooms we are creating for them!