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We have a lot to offer,

So take a look.

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[service title=”Unique Props” icon=”icon-wrench” image=””]We specialize in making that one thing you just can’t buy anywhere else.[/service]
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[service title=”Consulting” icon=”icon-cogs” image=””]Need to make something happen onstage, TV, or film? We have the experience necessary![/service]
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[service title=”Creative Direction” icon=”icon-movie” image=””]We can help your show suck a lot less. Promise![/service]

The goal of Bizzaro By Design is problem solving.


If it’s a unique prop you can’t get anywhere else, we can make it. If you need someone who can think at right angles and create something that is special only to your TV show, film, or live performance, that’s us. If you want someone who can step in and help make your act or show stand out, that too, is also us. However if you just want to keep making the same old boring stuff that everyone else is doing… that’s not us.


We have worked with performers from all over the world. From top professionals to those just starting out and many who are inbetween. No matter where you stand, we can help you make your ideas a reality.


It’s all By Design.