Jumping All Over The World

Last year I got to go to Europe to consult on a magic series. Today that magic series came out. You can see it Here.

My job as a consultant is really “problem solver”. If something breaks, or needs to be fixed on the fly, I have to be ready for that. It happened a lot on this show. Thankfully when I am hired for this kind of work I am usually (over) prepared.

It was a great time and while I made some custom magic (some of which got edited out sadly) I also engaged in another aspect of consulting: routining. Sometimes you have to make a trick work for a certain situation by changing the script, the props, the whole concept or all of them combined. We sometimes changed something so much, it looked nothing like what it started life as. We adapted a handful of already released magic and made it fit our needs. Some of them classics and some of them newly released. I want to thank everyone whose effects they worked hard on and released into the magic marketplace so we could use them.

We had a couple guys do some pre-production creations (Calen and Victor) and then it was Casshan and myself in the trenches. I would do it again in a heartbeat.